Thank you for visiting Culture Commandments!
Thank you for visiting Culture Commandments!
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About Us

Culture Commandments was created with the 'sophistiratchet' lifestyle in mind.

Let's face it, the people love African American culture. Our music. LIT. Our movies. LIT. Our television shows. LIT. Our jargon. LIT. Just being unapologetically black is LIT. 

As young adults, we are told to act and look a certain way as we make our way through life personally and professionally. We put on this performance to please others as we drive down the road to success. If we are too loud, we fear of being referred to as ghetto. If we wear Retro Jordan 11's with our business casual, we fear being viewed as unprofessional. For people who do not understand, being your authentic self can sometimes deter others from further interaction, thus leading to one feeling as if being their self is a problem. I am here to say that being your self is awesome and if I did not stick to who I truly am, Culture Commandments would have never been born.

I prefer my chicken fried and served in a foam box rather than baked and served on fine china. I prefer my Hennessy with coke over a martini that's shaken, not stirred. I prefer 2 Chainz playing softly in the background rather than elevator music. I enter my happy zone when I hear that Cash Money is about to take over for the 99 and the 2000s. I may have multiple degrees, but when Yo Gotti comes on, I like to believe that I smuggle drugs from Colombia. We spend majority of our life 'behaving', but there is nothing wrong with being classy with a dab of ratchet. 

Our culture was created for us by us, so we should represent it proudly. Forget "Live. Laugh. Love", when Lil' Boosie told us "Gas tank on E but all drinks on me. Wipe me down." 

Culture Commandments is here to serve you with accessories and décor for your home, office, or wherever you desire. Express who you truly are with quotes deemed inspirational by the culture.


"The streets been begging, so I had to get back to the basics.." -Yo Gotti. That's What's Up. (2006).



Commandments for the Culture